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Apple: is being a great curator enough? (Part I)

Fascinating data from Kantar came out yesterday, in which their analysis says that iOS not only halted its decline, but raised its sales share to 53.3% in 2012 vs. Android's 41.9% (a 10.9% YOY decline).

I would not have predicted this, especially given my experience on Android over the past four months. I'm inclined to believe the theory that this is simply the result of Q4 iPhone 5 sales rather than any indicator of a long-term trend. Why am I skeptical?

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Shopping for a smartphone

"...I typically buy my handsets used on Craigslist; avoiding subsidies and contracts allows me to test handsets and service providers. I can sell the handset at a later date for a few bucks less than I paid, and switch carriers with no fuss. With the exception of iPhones, handsets are like cars: they have a steep initial depreciation curve...."

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