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Apple: is being a great curator enough? (Part I)

Fascinating data from Kantar came out yesterday, in which their analysis says that iOS not only halted its decline, but raised its sales share to 53.3% in 2012 vs. Android's 41.9% (a 10.9% YOY decline).

I would not have predicted this, especially given my experience on Android over the past four months. I'm inclined to believe the theory that this is simply the result of Q4 iPhone 5 sales rather than any indicator of a long-term trend. Why am I skeptical?

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smartphone economics: ouch!

Fascinating analysis in CNET today of the PwC report on the increasing difficulties of wireless operators. The short version, for those in a hurry, is that the subsidy cost associated with smartphones is expensive and increasing (for those countries where subsidy is relevant). The hope was that the incresed subsidies would lead to more customer growth (initially true for AT&T after the launch of the iPhone) and increased revenues by virtue of add-on data plans.

One didn't have to wait long to see AT&T as a victim of its own success; the impact of iPhone data traffic on AT&T's networks and the associated dive in customer satisfaction are unknown to no one. What is more unsettling is the continuing downward spiral of smartphone economics. The situation is becoming some combination of network effect and vicious circle.

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